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Letterpress digital services and materials


Photopolymer platemaking: The Bieler Press has provided photopolymer platemaking to the contemporary studio letterpress community since 1995. Offered are professionally processed premium-grade plates for today’s popular bases with rapid turn-around. For further details go to Photopolymer Platemaking Service.

Bunting magnetic bases: The Bieler Press is a manufacturing representative and distributor of the industry standard Bunting Magnetic Cerface™ Flat Base for Bunting Magnetics Co. The crème de la crème.

Monograph on photopolymer platemaking and letterpress printing with digital type: The Bieler Press was the publisher of Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press, the seminal manual on letterpress printing with the photopolymer plate process (first published in 1998, it went through four print editions to 2012). Copies of early editions are still available (click on title above). Still considered the definitive manual on the process, a fifth edition is in the making, both in print and digital versions from Chatwin Books, Seattle.

Bieler Press Publications

Descriptions of selected published titles can be found on the separately linked pages at Fine Press Limited Editions.

The last work produced by The Bieler Press was An Elegie by Ben Jonson. The type was set in the Civilité, Saint Augustin, by Mark Askam at Chestnut Press. The chapbook was designed and printed by Gerald Lange. Hand sewn and published by Anthony Baker at The Gruffyground Press as the second (Bieler Press) publication in his Shakespeare and His Contemporaries series.

Typographic and production services


For other publishers, Gerald Lange at The Bieler Press specialized in exploratory project-based services and techniques for print production. He provided fine typographic composition, high quality letterpress printing, and precise restoration and reproduction of printed images and letterforms. Copies of several items can be found for sale throughout this site.

The Aaron Horkey Retrospective Letterpress Print Series I–VI

Biographical sketch


Gerald Lange is the proprietor and founder (1975) of The Bieler Press, a small printing and publishing firm that specialized in studio letterpress, typographic design, and the publication of finely-printed limited edition books and related matter.

In 1985, the University of Minnesota established The Bieler Press Archival Materials Collection to provide and maintain historical documentation of the Press, from its beginning to its closure. In support of his early endeavors, Lange was awarded five assistance grants from the National Endowment for the Arts as well as grants from the Elmer L. and Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation.

In 1991, Lange was selected as the first recipient of the prestigious Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design (in 2014 he was asked to serve as a judge for the 14th Award). His publications have also won awards from the Type Directors Club, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and the Chicago Book Clinic. In 2005, Lange was chosen to present the Eighth Annual Stephen A. Kanter Lecture on California Fine Printing at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles. In 2013, UCLA Library′s Center for Oral History Research conducted interviews of Lange for inclusion in their transcript collection.

Lange has written extensively on typography and the book arts, contributing articles for publications such as Parenthesis (FPBA), book art object (CODEX), Printing History (APHA), Bookways, and The Typographer. In 2007, he was selected to present a paper on contemporary typography for the 32nd Annual Conference of the American Printing History Association. His seminal monograph, Printing digital type on the hand-operated flatbed cylinder press, was first published in 1998, and is forthcoming in a 5th edition from Chatwin Books.

From 1986 to 1993, Lange was Master Printer at the USC Fine Arts Press. While at the University of Southern California, he was also editor of the scholarly journal Coranto. Lange also taught coursework and workshops for Art Center College of Design (2000 to 2016) and Otis College of Art and Design (1997 to 2013), as well as Irvine Fine Arts Center (Master Printer Workshop), California Institute of the Arts, Minnesota Center for Book Arts (Master classes), Scripps College (Frederic W. Goudy Workshops), Kent State University (Blossom Visual Communication Design Workshop), University of Minnesota, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and others.

From 1990 to 1996, Lange was editor of AbraCadaBrA, the Journal of the Alliance for Contemporary Book Arts, an organization he co-founded in 1987. He was Chairman of the Fine Press Book Association (NA) from 1999 to 2001. In 2001, he founded PPLetterpress, the online group/forum for investigative, exploratory, and alternative printing and typographic techniques.

Exhibitions of Bieler Press work include Men Over 25: California Edition. Printing Letterpress for Over a Quarter of a Century. Scripps College, 2012; California Printers in the Fine Press Tradition, 1975–2006, Stanford University, 2007; Master Printers, Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery/Barnsdall Park, 2006; Ninety from the Nineties: A Decade of Printing, New York Public Library, 2003.

Institutional collections of Bieler Press work include The British Library, University of California (various), Columbia University, Harvard University, University of Minnesota, New York Public Library, Princeton University, Stanford University, Victoria and Albert Museum, Yale University, et al.

The Aldine Press Special Offer

The Aldine Press
The Aldine Press: Catalogue of the Ahmanson-Murphy Collection of books by or relating to the Press in the Library of the University of California, Los Angeles; incorporating works recorded elsewhere.

This massive tome is the culmination of a four-year project; containing some 1,370 quasi-facsimile bibliographic descriptions of the printed work (1495–1589) of Aldus Manutius, his heirs, and related material. It includes a lengthy introductory essay (by editor Nicolas Barker), illustrative matter (378 typefaces, printer’s devices, and reconstructed watermarks), and referential information (tables, concordance, and indexes).

The typographic demands of a catalogue on this scale were large, and we were fortunate in finding two artists equal to them. Matthew Carter, Carter & Cone Type, Cambridge, Massachusetts, designer of Wilson (Greek) and Miller (roman), the first entirely successful match of Greek and roman type in digital form, adapted them to the needs of the project (renaming them Manutius). The reconfigured founts required many special characters, whose varying shapes and number tested his skill and patience to the utmost. To the success of his work the ensuing pages are the best tribute. Their elegance, a notable achievement in a work of severely technical character, is due to Gerald Lange, of The Bieler Press, Marina del Rey, California, who had chief responsibility for the book’s typographic design. This again was a task that went far beyond the normal task of laying out printed matter. His enquiring mind looked beyond its original form to the reasons for thus presenting it; this Socratic approach immeasurably improved the logic of its arrangement. His sure but unassertive sense of design has given it further grace. To both we are especially grateful. —Nicolas Barker

The typographic considerations involved in the production of this book were detailed in an article by Gerald Lange in Printing History: the Journal of the American Printing History Association, 2001.

Published by the University of California Press in 2001. Printed on Mohawk Superfine, an acid-free paper, in an edition consisting of 425 copies. The book measures 9 by 12 inches (with cloth covered slipcase) and weighs over eight pounds. 673 pages. ISBN 0-520-22993-2. LC 00-064851.

Out-of-print from publisher, $495. We have a limited number of these available in original unopened shipping box. Insured, free shipping (US).